Business Process Centric Models align Operational performance with Strategic Objectives.

Business Process Centric Models creates transparency, removes uncertainty and mitigates RISK.

Business Process Centric Models Turn Governance, Risk and Compliance to your advantage


Business Process Centric Models enable Design, Deliver & Automate Process Solutions


About IGX Solutions

We are a Solutions Specialists using Process discovery, Process optimisation, RPA, Automated Workflow and AI complimented with our Transformation and Programme management to deliver outstanding results quickly generating increased revenues, compliance, customer and employee satisfaction, with lower costs and risk.

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Our Belief. Your Processes

We believe that a Process Centric view of your organisation will improve the effectiveness of your business initiatives and technology adoption.

Workflow Automation Platform

Process Model driven Workflow Automatation:

  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Report & Document Automation
  • Data Integration & Synchronisation
  • Workflow & Human Interaction

How we Help You

Operational Assessment

We perform Operational assessment on existing operational documentation to identify gaps and inconsistencies prior to Audit.

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Premium Service

Onsite representation supports each deployment to ensure Business adoption and benefit realisation is achieved.

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Business Modelling

Modelling the business is essential when undertaking change or transformation. Visualising the operational impact and knowing is Responsible for the outcome helps leaders make informed decisions with the benefit of foresight. We help mitigate the risk of leaving the benefit to hindsight.

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Workflow Automation - W.O.W!

Design and Deploy workflow automation to deliver operational efficiencies, Organisational transparency and accountability.

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Hosted Deployment

SaaS based Solutions mean no IT footprint, no Infrastructure, no maintenance fee's and no service impact for software updates.

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Process Maturity Assessment

Benchmarking Process Maturity internally and externally will enable your organisation to gain and remain competitive.

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