Design, Deploy, Run

The vision to develop a simple method of controlling and demonstrating business compliance processes is a driving factor behind our approach to Process Automation. Our main guidelines: Simplicity in implementation and flexibility in the further development of workflows.

The human workflow management software

In this video, you will see how a simple process is documented and then executed as an example of the capability.

You will hear an introduction that discusses:

  • How a process is documented and executed within the iGrafx Platform
  • The benefits of ‘bringing a process to life’
  • The 2 elements of Workflow Automation

There are 2 examples shown;
@ 12m6s: The first shows ‘How to Model and Deploy a process’ by creating an HR Onboarding process
@20m41s: The second shows a Luxury Car Manufacturer implementation.
This resulted in reducing the delivery time from 4 months to 3 weeks!
@36m13s: There is a Q & A session that covers the following questions:

  • What types of Processes can be implemented?
  • What Systems can be integrated?
  • How are SMARTforms developed?
  • Do the Workflows need to be different to standard BPMN diagrams?
  • Can External parties i.e. Partners/Suppliers, use the system?

The Platform combines all important phases of the workflow lifecycle in a unique overall solution and supports you holistically in the implementation, execution, and analysis of your business processes and workflows.

In all phases of the Workflow Lifecycle, you can rely on our workflow management system and our proven approach to successfully digitize your processes with us and live them as human workflows.


Process owners can model processes independently of IT and digitize them as a workflow. The distribution of the individual work packages now takes place via workflow application and process participants are specifically supplied with information at the point it’s required.

Compliance and process compliance are effortlessly adhered to as employees are led through the process, with full traceability and audit security reports provided as standard through working with workflow application.

Monitoring and reporting your KPIs is easier than ever, as the data is automatically collected whilst the process is being executed. With this knowledge, your continuous improvement programme is implemented on a day-to-day basis.

Prepare business-critical decisions in the best possible way and optimize your business processes holistically.