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Case Study 1: Compliance Requirements Drive Process Modelling


  • Process Modelling offers a great opportunity for companies to improve their efficiency.
  • A greater Regulatory Compliance mandate meant that there was a large number of regulatory requirements to manage.
  • Previously fragmented processes have now been brought together and redundant processes replaced.
  • Moved from silo view to end-to-end. Processes are developed across departments – removing borders.
  • iGrafx is intuitive – capturing processes in meetings as they are discussed.
  • Experienced process managers to support process capture has made documents easier to understand
  • Our processes now lay the foundation for process automation.
  • By implementing iGrafx we have significantly improved the speed to move from identifying opportunity to improve to being in a position to deliver improvement, which is key to the culture of the company.

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Case Study 2: Establish a Process Hierarchy

  • Already an Award winning International Airports with Excellent Process Structures in traditional operations
  • Why target improvement? We want to be the very best!
  • Target to establish a basic process structure to enhance how we steer our processes.
  • Benefits of a standard software framework for Process Modelling;
  • Greater Transparency,
  • Better understanding of how they are aligned and how they interact towards aims & objectives
  • To do this, the Integration of all parties involved included subsidiaries & external providers.
  • we required a software Partner who would be happy to develop it’s tool to accommodate our requirements
  • Our IT & Software provider engaged early on in the processes.
  • Ensure Process Modellers and future users worked closely together from the start.
  • The workshop methods used by iGrafx worked very well to accomplish this.
  • Already migrated & revised 90% of processes
  • The migration process included the revision of existing processes, thanks to the software.
  • Workflow Management is important something that iGrafx has enabled process automation thanks to it’s rigorous use of BPMN & stability of the application.
  • Future plan is to furnish our processes with codes so as to create Cockpit solutions to allow more responsive decision making to deviations as they are identified.

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We are happy to offer a free consultation and demonstration of how an Enterprise BPM deployment can benefit your organisation.