Reducing the cost of Compliance

In today’s growing regulatory environment, we are finding that many organisations are actively seeking ways to leverage and streamline existing initiatives as a means of overcoming multiple compliance challenges.

Compliance takes many forms, and each has their own specific requirements on the business. Whether they are Licence provisions, Industry specific Charters, National or International legislation, Regulation, Codes of Practice, or Business Standards, the cost of being compliant continues to grow.

Key to mitigating this burden is the ability to leverage organisational efforts by creating transparency of where the business is ‘required’ to comply in the context of how the business operates and the context of its people, technology, and processes.
Such transparency doesn’t come from management by spreadsheet or initiatives operating in silos.

If your Organisation has or is planning any initiatives to address business compliance issues, then you need to be in the room on the 17th of May to hear first hand of a UK Lottery operators experience and how they are planning for future challenges.

Creating Transparency

We invite you to join us and share the experience of a leading UK Lottery operator, which recognised the need to move beyond disparate approaches to a platform that supports the entire business efforts in meeting compliance requirements.

Their journey will be shared, from recognising the need for a different approach, the market evaluation, the selection process and through to solution implementation and business delivery.

Key points along the way:

Establish Ownership, Identify and Mitigate Risk and demonstrate & evidence Compliance.
There are many valuable lessons learned along the way and these will be shared too.

Do not miss this opportunity!

Where & When?

Thursday 17th May 2018, 9:00h -14:00h
One Drummond Gate Victoria, London, SW1V 2QQ