Human Workflow Automation: 2018 and beyond

The unrelenting pace of change, combined with a growing demand for bespoke customer service models, means traditional application development cycles are not able to deliver the goods to a growing number of firms. With iGrafx Process Automation, an organization can now rapidly create and deploy robust, agile Workflow Applications able to manage and execute an end-to-end process based on iGrafx process models at the core.

In the video below, you will see how a simple process is documented and then executed as an example of the capability. You will hear an introduction that discusses:

  • How a process is documented and executed
  • The benefits of ‘bringing a process to life’
  • The 2 elements of Workflow Automation

There are 2 examples shown;

@ 12m6s: The first shows ‘How to Model and Deploy a process’ by creating an HR Onboarding process

@20m41s: The second shows a Luxury Car Manufacturer implementation.

This resulted in reducing the delivery time from 4 months to 3 weeks!

@36m13s There is a Q & A session that covers the following questions:

What types of Processes can be implemented?

What Systems can be integrated?

How are SMARTforms developed?

Do the Workflows need to be different to standard BPMN diagrams?

Can External parties i.e. Partners/Suppliers, use the system?

With IGX Solutions’ experience of real-life deployment of process workflow, you can get off to a flying start using proven methodologies and tools that optimize a model-driven approach so leveraging your investment in existing business process definitions.

With a library of templates, IGX’ can enable you to rapidly deploy solutions that seamlessly and securely delivery information to the relevant user as processes flows through to execution.

To find out more your organization can beat the IT bottleneck and design, test and deliver fully tested solutions, click here to contact IGX Solutions.