About IGX Solutions

We are a Solutions Specialists using Process discovery, Process optimisation, RPA, Automated Workflow and AI complimented with our Transformation and Programme management to deliver outstanding results quickly generating increased revenues, compliance, customer and employee satisfaction, with lower costs and risk.

We enable organisations to support themselves by providing skills and technical training with knowledge transfer to establish their COE, or can provide a managed service COE.

We understand Process and the benefits of a mature Business Process Centric model offers.

Whether the requirements are compliance driven, Continuous improvement led or greater transparency, a ‘Digital Operating Model’ (DOM) will help deliver the benefits you envisage.

Armed with a 20:20 vision of the business in real-time, agile workflows deliver new levels of efficiency and compliance.

From financial services to manufacturing, healthcare to telcos, IGX Solutions enables you to achieve & sustain pervasive, transformational-change & evidence-based compliance.

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